Toronto, Ontario
May 3, 2006
 - Why Add Audio to your Website
The advantages of adding audio to your website.

Have you considered putting audio on your website? 

Narrated websites lengthen the user's duration. Surveys show that the longer someone stays on a website, the more chance there is that they purchase the service or product. 

Narrated website make a business appear 'up-to-date'. Surveys show that purchasers will purchase more freely if they feel that the business is 'up to date' with technology. 

Narrated websites produces viral marketing. Website narration is still relatively new, and therefore users enjoy it enough to tell others about it - and thus the business profits from "word-of-mouth" marketing (the best type of marketing). 

A full time professional voice artist with a vibrant and lively sound specializing in audio books and corporate narrations, you can depend on Elaine Singer to provide a credible voice to your read, with clarity, flexibility, and creativity. 

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