Chris Alexander

Toronto, Ontario

Arts & Entertainment
Mixed Media Art
   5 - 10 years

Monday - Friday | Evenings

A lifelong cineaste and lover of sublime and extreme art, Chris Alexander's music and art is designed to terrify. For the past five years Alexander has been developing his own very particular brand of stylized darkness, heavily influenced by the films of Dario Argento, David Lynch and Lucio Fulci. As a composer, Alexander has scored several independent films and has been behind numerous projects: Walls of Jericho, Eliza/Alexander and Inseminoid to name just a few. As a film critic and columnist for Canadian horror film periodical Rue Morgue (, Alexander has interviewed many genre icons including legendary writer Richard Matheson (I Am Legend), an interview which got him nominated for The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror award. In addition to his music and writing, Alexander also teaches a horror film theory course at Sheridan College called "Fear on Film" and runs, along with fellow artist Lars Madsen, film/music website Meridian Music.